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Mobile security assessments

Mobile technologies are becoming more and more prevalent in the working environment, and bring a whole new challenge when it comes to security. Clients are facing a tough time trying to integrate and make secure available application services (from email and calendar to complex work enablers) for mobile platform users, and also facing difficulties understanding and ensure data on handheld devices remains secure and confidential.

Cybecure has invested considerable time and research into mobile security (including iOS, Android, Blackberry) and can help our clients with the following services:

  • Mobile application assessments: Performing vulnerability assessments and penetration testing against mobile applications (including reverse engineering application code, client side security analysis as well as server based application analysis)
  • Security architecture review (including device configuration analysis): Ensuring clients have designed their mobile application environments with security in mind, and have integrated the appropriate technical security controls. We would also perform configuration reviews against key devices to ensure they have been secured according to best practices